Weight loss With Cumin Seeds

Hi everyone, I will explain how to lose your weight naturally with Cumin seeds. It is a simple drink and can be prepared at home. You need:—
1. One lemon,
2. Cumin seeds (one teaspoonful)
3. Honey(one teaspoonful)
4.One glass of water(at room temperature)

Method of preparing the drink

Soak one teaspoonful of Cumin seeds in a glass of water before going to bed at night. In the morning boil the water and cumin seeds which you soaked overnight. Boil it until the quantity becomes half. Let it cool. Filter it when it is warm. Add half lemon juice and one teaspoonful of honey to the warm cumin water and stir thoroughly. Drink it while it is warm. Do not let it cool.
Drink it for few weeks and after, say 7/10 days you will see the difference. The drink will work more if you eat low calorie meals and drink plenty of water. Brisk walk for atleast half an hour. You should not take the drink if you:—-

1. have diabetes.
2. have skin allergies then add half teaspooon or lesser cumin seeds and if it suits you increase the quantity of cumin seeds to one teaspoonful.
3. are pregnant or breastfeed.
4. have heartburn issues.
5. have bleeding disorders.
Hope this article will help you to reduce weight

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